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Below is a list of my absolute


tools & products!

If you have any specific questions about these products, let me know!!
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This little baby is my #1 Favorite Curling Iron of all time. It is a 1" Barrel, and it can give you the perfect beachy waves, hollywood waves, or any other modern curl you can hope long as your technique is correct, and you fluff the curls effectively! This curling iron is the MACK DADDY of all curling irons your curls like CRAZY. It glides over the hair like a straightener, making this curling iron the easiest curling iron I've ever worked with. It's the best.

Being a 1/2  inch barrel, its little tighter curl and it helps longer hair stay curly longer. Again, its Babyliss, soooooo you're gonna love it.

This Wand is for the girls who need an easy way to style their hair quickly. The wand curls are so simple, and this iron is perfect to hold them all night. The Babyliss brand DOES NOT PLAY AROUND. It's the real deal.

OKAY. So I started using Babyliss Straighteners when I was in Cosmetology School because I won it in a contest. But then I never turned back. My all-time favorite straightener right here. It's thin, it can get to the scalp, its versatile, and it has adjustable heat settings so you have control of the heat!!!!


This bag is my Perfect-For-Traveling Rolling Hair Stylist Suitcase! It meets the requirements for a carry-on, and it carries MORE than you think it will! I am in love. Also, how freaking cute!!! 

My daughter uses the smaller suitcase for when she goes to Grandma's house or when we go on trips in the airplane...and I MELT every time.

Mine is the Light Gray one,  but they have SO many options. And they are $199.

These are my favorite clips. They're strong, and they hold up to moderately thick hair. 

These clear elastics are the best I have found. Online, in stores-- anywhere. I have had TROUBLE finding a good solution for a durable elastic. But I have FOUND HER. And she comes in 2000 piece packages so you know she will last you awhile. :D

This is a variety pack of blonde and brown hair buns for thickening up those updos! Be sure to watch my tutorials to see the most effective way to use them!

salon care.jpg

My favorite Bobbi pins are no longer available on amazon, but are actually found at Sally's Beauty Store, they are the black Salon Care Brand and are in a 2 lb. box! 

They have great grip and lock into place!

And be sure to NEVER leave a rogue Bobbi pin! Where there is one, there must be two! OR it won't stay!!

This is our go to camera for any situation. Great low light, a ton a versatility for lenses and a work horse for all things weddings. With new models coming out, this is still our favorite especially when it comes to the price!

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