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Hey hello there! Allow me to introduce myself! I go by Tim, Timothy, y Timoteo en Español, but you can call me DJ Tim & Country! (My name stems from my vehicle, a modified Town & Country

minivan). I’m an adventurer, a people person, a science nerd, and most significantly, I’m passionate

about music, audio production, and performing!

DJing is a revolutionary artistic avenue for myself, and 
sometimes I’m still struck with the realization that it actually does exist in this reality, and that I can indeed sustain myself with it. I’ve been engaged with DJing for just over three years, with no plans to stop in the future.


"...It charges me with

energy & electricity,

and gives me a boost of inspiration and motivation that no cup of coffee could provide."


It charges me with energy and electricity, and gives me a boost of inspiration and motivation that no cup of coffee could provide.


The powerful, vibrant love and energy that radiates from a couple getting married is

infectious. It spreads through the family, friends, and eventually finds its way to the photographer, the videographer, and the DJ booth.

Channeling this energy is how I get a dance floor vibing, or know to instigate the tenderness for a first dance, or turn up the heat for a grand introduction. To this day, I continue to feel this energy saturating the room each time I turn on my speakers, get on the mic, and hit the lights.

What’s more, this energy is not the same for each wedding. Each bond that every couple has

with each other is wholly unique to themselves, and so gives their wedding a special fingerprint. Each first dance, each best man speech, and each late night fiesta all have their own magic vibes that cannot be copied and can only be felt once. I’ve DJ'ed throughout the Midwest for over 3 years and it has not become stale for me in the slightest.
It’s truly an honor to be exclusively chosen by a couple to play such a major role in a day that will forever live on in their memories.


Record Player



Dance clubs, private parties, fundraisers, corporate events-- its always a blast to
bring life to any party through music!

When DJing a private party or a club, I relish the fact that I get to use technical DJ skills like beat matching, sampling, and effects triggering; things I don’t typically get to utilize in weddings. One of my favorite things about working non-wedding events is how surprising they can be and how unscheduled they feel. They allow me to flex certain DJ muscles that I don’t always get to flex.

If you are looking for someone to bring your event to life,  


Además, quiero decirles a mis amigos latinos que hablo español (he estado estudiando y aprendiendo por más que una década). A mí me encanta mucho trabajar en eventos latinos, como bodas, bailes, quinceñeras, o aún una posada en el diciembre. Conozco once estados de México, por lo que la mayor parte de mi experiencia con culturas latinas, y mis modismos españoles, vienen de México. Algunas artistas latinas que me encantan incluyen Bad Bunny, Natalia Lafourcade, y Silvana Estrada. ¡Que no dude pedirme trabajar para usted y su evento, todo va a pasar muy padre y chévere!

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